About Diâmetro

About us

Diâmetro started in 2000 and its main activity is the manufacture of ducts and accessories in galvanized steel sheet and stainless steel for HVAC installations.

Since we first started, our goal is to provide the market, and especially our clients, with a level of satisfaction that meets their expectations and needs.

Our continuous improvement and innovation allow us to look to the future with the certainty that we will continue to be a reference in the market.

Our Mission

Quality and working towards the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Installation of durable products with the highest quality, implementing constructive solutions to the environment that meet the client’s needs, with full efficiency.

Our Vision

To be an exemplary company in which our growth relies on first-rate professionals and the continuous search for new business opportunities.

To be the number one company in Portugal for the installation of HVAC material, to be recognized by our clients as a company that meets the deadlines and uses long-lasting and high-quality products.

Our values

In order to promote a proper and positive experience, we have defined the following values:

  • Ambition,
  • Precision,
  • Honesty,
  • Client satisfaction,
  • Commitment,
  • Trust,
  • Willingness to help,
  • Quality,
  • Focus,
  • Resilience,
  • Fulfil the needs.

Our compromise


In manufacturing and in the material we provide to our customers.


In meeting production deadlines.


By manufacturing according to the specifications of each order.


We work towards maintaining a stable and long-term relationship with our clients.

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